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Becoming an Expat in Bangkok: A Guide For 2022 And Beyond

By January 10, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments
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Before you get into this guide, what’s probably useful to know is that I’m an expat. My name’s Jay, I’m from the UK and I’m a co-founder of RECRUITdee. Dan (UK) and Bert (Netherlands) are my fellow co-founders, so we know what it’s like to move to Bangkok, Thailand to work and live. We all met here, but when we were considering Thailand as a place to move to, we all did the same research beforehand: What jobs are there? What’s the cost of living?  What’s the pay like? Where should I live?


We’ve put this mini guide together (updated on 10th January 2022) to help you find the best resources online to answer these questions. It’s full of links to great blogs, videos and websites where people are sharing their experiences and insight, because that’s one big thing you need to know – there’s an established expat community in Bangkok and they all want you to succeed. We’re not going to go on about our experience, although we’re more than happy to help anyone who wants some advice! Just get in touch. Let’s get to it.

Why Move to Bangkok?

Bangkok in Thailand is booming and you’ve chosen a great time to look into moving here. Sure, political unrest can be an issue, and one that’s often cited in expat blogs and guides, but where isn’t that as issue right now?

Thanks to government initiatives like Thailand 4.0, the job market has never been more buoyant, with foreign businesses drawn to the easy access to Asian markets and the stability of the Thai economy, compared to neighbouring countries. Investment is also high, both in terms of multinationals setting up shop and investors funding start-ups, particularly tech ventures. There are roles available across the experience spectrum in software, tech, finance, consulting and high-end manufacturing. We’ve got lots, especially in IT and tech, where we are the specialist recruiters.

Useful Online Resources For Bangkok Expats

Rather than regurgitate the advice and insight of expat freelancers and employees that have made the move to Bangkok, we’ve put together a guide to the most useful content we can find. It’s not exhaustive and by no means a finished piece, we’ll be adding to it as we come across more info and as candidates talk to us about what they read and watched. So do get in touch and tell us if you find something you think would be of value to expats thinking of making the move to Bangkok. First up…

Life in Bangkok for Expats

– Expatolife.com is a group of expats who’ve lived and worked around the world sharing their experiences:

Expat guide to living in Bangkok

A  Guide to Living in Thailand

– Peter moved to Thailand in 2009 and now runs a blog full of information and advice for expats both considering a move, and already enjoying ‘The Land of Smiles’:


A Breakdown of Living Costs in Bangkok

– With 37k subscribers, LIVE TRAVEL ASIA is proving a big help to expats considering a move to Thailand or the ASEAN region. He does a very detailed breakdown of living costs in this vid:


The Pros and Cons of Being an Expat in Bangkok, Thailand

– ExpatArrivals.com helps business travellers and holiday makers learn more about where they’re going for work, life or play, worth checking out their balanced review of moving to Bangkok:

Pros and cons of moving to Bangkok

A Young Expat’s Take on Bangkok

– Rose is a young expat who’s travelled the world and now lives in Bangkok, she shares a good review of day-to-day life:

Food, evenings, work, culture in Bangkok

Places to Live in Bangkok

– CultureTrip.com is a team of people dedicated to sharing stories about travel and inspiring people to explore, good article about Bangkok for expats:

The best neighbourhoods in Bangkok for expats

Research, weigh it up and follow your passion

If you’re thinking about a move to Bangkok, I hope these resources help, it’s always good to hear from people who’ve done it and lived the experience. Read and watch as much as you can, and if you have a passion that you can work on when you get to Thailand, follow that. It doesn’t matter where you are if you’re committed to a job or project you love.

Just worth saying that we don’t get any financial gain from linking to the sites in this post, I just wanted to start something that would help and that we can grow together. Obviously, if you’re looking to continue your professional career after moving to Bangkok, RECRUITdee can help you find an exciting and fulfilling role in software, IT, tech, finance or consulting – just get in touch or check out our job listings. Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Jay Lale

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