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3 Ways To Attract the Best IT Talent in Bangkok

By January 20, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments
Attract IT Talent

We’ve shared some of our secrets – here are three things your business can do this week to start attracting the very best talent.

Bangkok has been at the spearhead of the Asean job revolution over the last 10 years, no more so than in tech and IT. As specialists in IT recruitment, we’ve seen the marketplace get busier and busier, as more businesses move into Bangkok, a startup in the city, or just realise they need to go digital to stay ahead of their rivals.

There’s high demand for the very best talent, which is why businesses come to us to find it (we’ve got a pool of premium candidates you won’t find anywhere else!). But there are steps you can take alone to improve your chances of attracting quality individuals.

3 things you should do right now

Below are three techniques and strategies that we use to deliver for our clients – we’ve created an overview of them, so you can implement them straight away.

  1. View HR as a Marketing Department For Your Employer Brand

Today’s increasingly tech-savvy candidates have easy access to more jobs in Bangkok than any previous generation. They can head online and find endless opportunities with just a few clicks, and while there, they can read reviews of you as an employer and learn more about any potential interviewers (LinkedIn).

To use this behaviour to your advantage, you need to be ahead of the game, building relationships way before there’s any job to fill. You should be attracting and impressing prospective candidates with content about your ambitions, your employees, and the working environment. The best candidates often aren’t looking for work but will be tempted by a great brand doing things a different way.

You need to think of recruitment in the same way as marketing, just aimed at candidates instead of consumers.

  1. Think Differently To Attract The Best IT Candidates

Let’s say you’re after the very best Node JS developers in Bangkok – to find them, you first need to uncover them, pique their interest, and get proof of their talent. Remember, these individuals may not be overtly searching for work or open to offers.

You can do this online through social platforms and your website – instead of the labour-intensive method of approaching each prospect and discussing their experience (if they’re even willing to), you could run some programming challenges, coding competitions, or hackathons.

Gamifying the process will attract the best and activate their competitive streak, you can then connect with them, show them you think differently, and bring them on board.

  1. Delve Into The IT World

The tech and IT world are full of expos, events, and conferences, often held in Bangkok’s bustling city centre in informal environments. As an employer needing IT talent, you need to be seen at these events, ideally as a speaker, but as an attendee or a sponsor will work. This is where the cream of the crop comes, in their spare time, to stay at the top of their game, and it’s where you need to be to press some flesh and get to know them.

Remember, nobody can sing your company’s praises more credibly than an existing employee. Find the most motivated tech guys and gals in your business and ask them to hold a workshop or give a talk at these events. By giving your employees the space to share their knowledge, you empower them and deliver levels of employee satisfaction that are irresistible to potential hires.

Now Go Find that IT Talent!

So there you have it, three things you can do this week to start attracting the very best IT talent in Bangkok. Try the techniques out for yourself and let us know how it goes. Feel free to get in touch to ask any questions and for expert help recruiting the best IT talent.

Bert Veerman

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