There’s never been a bigger moment of evolution in Manufacturing and Engineering in living memory. Industry 4.0 is already here, with factories and production chains increasingly in the ‘hands’ of AI and machines. At this time of transition, RECRUITdee is providing expert recruitment insight and support to help clients and candidates succeed in the new Manufacturing landscape.

RECRUITdee – Manufacturing recruitment in Bangkok

At RECRUITdee, our dedicated Manufacturing recruitment team provide permanent, contract and consultant talent to leading businesses in Bangkok, Chonburi, Rayong and Asia Pacific. With Manufacturing skills in high-demand as the local economy continues to expand, we are committed to aligning the very best talent with leading businesses and startups to support growth in the region.

To ensure this, we are always improving our service, working closely with industry partners and Manufacturing bodies to assist clients and candidates however possible.


Our Manufacturing recruitment team place candidates in a range of roles, including:

  • Maintenance and inspection
  • HR, finance and commercial
  • Quality standards
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Project management
  • Design
  • Procurement and supply chain

Find your dream role:

      Manufacturing recruitment in Bangkok – Your Guide

      Well-known for its established role in the global automotive manufacturing industry, today, Thailand’s regions such as Bangkok, Chonburi and Rayong are home to the full breadth of manufacturing sectors, including electronics, food, textiles and more. To help you discover your true career potential in Thailand, we’ve put together all of our insight and key information on the Thai manufacturing sector in this guide.

      Guide contents – read through or use the links to skip to sections:

      The major manufacturing sectors in Thailand

      Video – Thailand: An emerging AI and automation powerhouse

      Why you should work in the Thai manufacturing sector

      Where to base yourself: Manufacturing areas in Thailand

      The major manufacturing sectors in Thailand


      Thailand’s electronics manufacturing sector employs around 1 million people across 2,300+ factories, making up 12% of total Thai manufacturing employment. It contributes 15% to the country’s GDP and has been the biggest production sector in Thailand for 20 years. You can find a full report on it here.

      The majority of roles available in this sector are in computer component companies, such as Seagate, IBM and Fujitsu. But there’s also a booming cluster of high-tech businesses in AI, robotics and automation that have been attracted to the country by government incentives and easy access to a huge Asian marketplace. 

      Car manufacturing

      At the last figures from Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles (OICA) in 2017, Thailand ranked 12th in world in car manufacturing volume. Around 2 million vehicles are made every year at the country’s car manufacturing plants in Rayong or north of Bangkok near Ayutthaya, operated by Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, GM and Honda.

      Car parts manufacturers are also a huge employer in Thailand, helping to make cars and their components the nation’s biggest export year-on-year. As well as directly employing hundreds of thousands of people, the industry also indirectly creates roles across multiple sub-sectors and, most notably, the steel production industry.


      The biggest employer in Thailand, textile and clothing provides work for more than 1 million workers, who help create around $6 billion of ready-to-wear clothing for export. As well as mass-market products, Thailand is a manufacturing hub for well-known fashion houses, with expertise encompassing synthetic fibre and yarn manufacturing, as well as apparel manufacturing.

      Food production

      Food and beverages are two of Thailand’s top exports, with the country boasting highly-developed fresh and frozen production sectors. Food manufacturing makes up almost a quarter of the country’s GDP, with rice, tuna and cassava products contributing the lion’s share of the $36 billion in exports in 2018.

      Thailand: An emerging AI and automation powerhouse

      Backed by Thailand 4.0 and a raft of government incentives, the high-tech electronics sector in Thailand is growing at an immense rate. International businesses and local startups are finding the perfect combination of low costs, plentiful support and a steady flow of graduate and experienced talent all on their doorstep, as Martin Wenzel, CEO of KUKA Robotics, explains.

      Why you should work in the Thai manufacturing sector

      In a nutshell, there’s loads of government investment into the industry, which is attracting international companies and providing fertile ground for startups. The result is lots of exciting jobs across all departments, skillsets and experience levels.

      And by investment, we’re talking 4.0 manufacturing investment – AI, robotics, automation, software etc. Thailand is doubling down on emerging technologies as it looks to continue its evolutionary economic journey from agriculture, then heavy industry and basic electronics, to cutting-edge, high-tech exports.

      Big manufacturers are moving to Thailand

      Another big factor is one from outside the country – the US-China trade war, combined with the rise of costs in China, has made many manufacturers keen to find a more stable centre of operations in the ASEAN region.

      The Thai board of industry wants to make the decision to relocate an easy one, and as part of Thailand 4.0 has created a package of tax, incorporation and operational incentives that allow foreign companies to set up production quickly and efficiently. And it’s working, total foreign investment into Thailand in 2018 was almost $230bn.  


      We know that manufacturing firms are finding it attractive and easy to relocate in Thailand, and when you add in the market access they gain, you can see why there are so many manufacturing jobs in Bangkok and other Thai regions.

      Within just 1000kms there are 242m people across Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Within 3,000kms there are 645m people and when you consider Asia is on your doorstep, that’s 4.6 billion consumers. All of which means companies are willing to invest in their Thai production plants and the right people, i.e you!

      Trade made easy

      Thailand has 13 free-trade agreements within the ASEAN region. While this may seem unrelated to you looking for a job in Thailand, it is in fact intrinsically linked. Free-flowing trade combined with heavy investment attracts employers big and small, across all of manufacturing. This makes a move career move in Thai manufacturing right for now and for your long-term progression plans.

      An interesting point: In 2015 alone, over 82,000 Thai students graduated in engineering and related fields. Which means Thailand isn’t messing about, they’re building a global manufacturing powerhouse and now’s the time to get your feet under the table.

      In the words of Duangjai Asawachintachit, Secretary General of the Board of Investment of Thailand: “We always look at the long term and realise that in order to retain Thailand’s preferred status we need to constantly improve our ecosystem.”

      Where to base yourself: Manufacturing areas in Thailand

      Thailand has a number of manufacturing hubs, each focused in a different sector, so it pays to know where to where to look for work and a place to live.


      The outskirts of the capital city is home to vast industrial zones, the largest of which are Ayutthaya and Pathum Thani, located to the north. Base yourself near here if you’re looking for a role in electronics or emerging technologies.

      Eastern Seaboard

      This region covers the provinces of Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong, and has developed as a result of the Eastern Seaboard Development Program. This government-led initiative has created a major industrial zone that sits east of Bangkok and extends towards Cambodia. Base yourself here for roles in car manufacturing, petrochemicals and heavy machinery.

      Southern Thailand

      Head south towards the border with Malaysia if you’re looking for positions in the food industry, particularly fishing. More rudimentary industrial sectors can also be found here, such as rubber and tin mining.

      Why RECRUITdee?

      – Global reach, local expertise
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      For employers: Whether you need contract, permanent or consultant talent, through RECRUITdee clients have access to a hidden selection of high-calibre candidates. These exclusive individuals are the very best. Already working in the industry, they are part of our Talent Pool of professionals that would move for the right package. Our team seeks these individuals out, understands their needs and works with them to find their next exciting move.

      For individuals: it’s an opportunity to know what’s out there without openly seeking work, and for clients it’s how they get unattainable talent that can give them the edge. For us, it’s about aligning people with companies, matching values and ambitions, and bringing together some of the most exciting partnerships in Bangkok, Chonburi, Rayong and Asia Pacific.


      At RECRUITdee, we’re a recruitment partner, not just a recruitment provider. As your partner, our team of experienced consultants become your team – understanding your plans, goals and market position, so we can match the right Manufacturing talent quickly to keep you moving forward. And because we know you so well, we can share your employer brand with candidates, meaning they can align to you and share the same values, for a productive and positive long-term relationship.

      From entry-level graduate positions to executive and board level roles, blue collar to white collar professionals, our Manufacturing and Engineering team are specialists at placing the right talent with the right business. More than this, your dedicated RECRUITdee team evolve with the industry, always developing their skills to ensure they keep pace with the changes and keep you ahead of the competition.


      Whether you need to hire or are looking for your next move, our experienced Manufacturing recruitment team are ready to help. Their combination of local market knowledge and international expertise will ensure you get the right outcome and keep moving forward. To speak to a consultant today, get in touch online or call us on 02-258-3880 or our international number +66 2-258-3880.

      Daniel Wood