When you’re in a fast-moving industry like IT, you need a recruitment agency that can keep up and keep you ahead. At RECRUITdee, our specialist IT recruitment team focus purely on IT jobs in Bangkok and the Asia Pacific region. This means that when you need the very best talent to keep you moving forward, you know that one call can make it happen.

Whether you’re hiring to fill a vacancy, to start a new project or to react to a market opportunity, we have an exclusive Talent Pool of the best IT and Tech specialists, ready to move for the right package. From Executive and Management positions, through to Support and Development, our consultants have extensive experience recruiting across the whole of IT.


– Global reach, local expertise
– Access to exclusive talent
– Full range of recruitment services
– We attract, retain and develop staff
– International experience
– More than a provider, we’re your recruitment partner


Our recruitment specialists hire across the full range of IT jobs in Bangkok, including:

  • Data Scientist
  • UX Manager
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Business Analysts
  • Solution Architect (Java)
  • Team Lead (C#/.Net)
  • Backend Developer (NodeJS)


The RECRUITdee difference is we’re a recruitment partner, not a recruitment provider. Our IT recruitment team are immersed in the arena, attending events, analyzing research, processing market data and always aware of your competition.

What that means for clients is we are proactive when it comes to your recruitment needs. We see what’s around the corner, we build our Talent Pool to suit the direction of the market and meet your needs. The result is we’re aligned to your goals and when you need talent, we’ve already got high calibre candidates in place so you can hire the right person first time and stay ahead.


Having access to the very best candidates is something we’re very proud of as a Bangkok recruitment agency. We work hard to cultivate relationships for the benefit of the employers we work with. But more than this, we give clients access to talent that’s not even on the market, individuals that aren’t openly looking for work, but would consider a move. These are the cream of the very best, and only accessible through us.

We do this by building relationships with people not necessarily looking for a job in Bangkok but who we know would bring incredible value to the IT department of an employer. It might be someone local, or it could be an individual looking for an IT job in Bangkok for foreigners, either way they’re skilled, scarce and can make all the difference.


Every business wants the most capable employees, but there’s more to IT recruitment than simply providing talented individuals. At RECRUITdee, we understand that, as an employer, you will need resource in different ways at different times. You’ll need to stay flexible and agile to react to the market and opportunities. So we provide a range of IT recruitment services to meet your specific needs.

We place contract, permanent, retained and consultant candidates. Whatever you need support with, whether its a fixed-term project, an ongoing role or a top-level strategy piece, you can find the talent you need on the terms you want, through RECRUITdee. Whether you need to hire or are looking for your next move, get in touch online or call us on 02-258-3880 or our international number +66 2-258-3880.

Bert Veerman

Co-Founder and Partner at RECRUITdee
Bert brings over 13 years' experience in management and sales to RECRUITdee clients and candidates, with eight years specifically in recruitment. As Co-founder and Partner at RECRUITdee, his strong Thai and Asia region experience gives stakeholders access to a deep local market knowledge and insight. His career has seen him work with Microsoft,, Amazon, IBM, Accenture, and Oracle, bringing a 360 degree understanding of corporate recruitment needs. To contact Bert, visit the contact page. Or, learn more about RECRUITdee.
Bert Veerman