The IT recruitment and Tech sector is booming, it’s one of the largest in the ASEAN region and rapidly becoming a powerhouse in the Asia Pacific region. Whether you’re job seeking or recruiting in such a fast-moving industry, it pays to understand the marketplace and how to find the best match for your career or business. That’s why we’ve created this guide.

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At RECRUITdee, our specialist IT recruitment team focus purely on IT jobs in Bangkok and the Asia Pacific region. More than just another headhunter and recruitment agency. We’re your recruitment partner, helping you move forward and achieve your goals.

For employers: Whether you’re hiring to fill a vacancy, to start a new project or to react to a market opportunity, we have an exclusive Talent Pool of the best IT and Tech specialists, ready to move for the right package.

For candidates: From Executive and Management positions, through to Support and Development, we have the best IT and tech jobs in Bangkok and across Thailand. Our relationships give you access to incredible career opportunities.

IT Jobs in Bangkok, Thailand

Our team of local Thai and Western recruitment experts hire across the full range of IT jobs in Bangkok, Thailand including:

  • Data Scientist
  • UX Manager
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Business Analysts
  • Solution Architect (Java)
  • Team Lead (C#/.Net)
  • Backend Developer (NodeJS)

Find your dream role:

      IT Recruitment Bangkok – Your Guide

      If you’re an IT professional looking for your next move or a business looking to hire IT talent in Bangkok or anywhere in Thailand, this guide is for you. We’ve taken key knowledge gained through helping clients and candidates and put it all in one place – so you can stop searching and start smiling.

      Guide contents – read through or use the links to skip to sections:

      The Thai tech revolution – Why the boom?

      Video – Thailand 4.0 Initiative

      Four IT recruitment trends for 2022

      Insight: the most common IT interview questions

      Top five highest paid IT jobs in Bangkok

      The Thailand Tech Revolution – Why the Boom?

      Since the start of Thailand 4.0 in 2016, the country has seen a boost in high-tech industries, including IT and high-value manufacturing and engineering. This evolution, orchestrated by the government, has created employment for millions, attracting multinational corporations and creating a fertile marketplace for tech startups.

      The result is a booming tech ecosphere in what is the second-largest economy in the ASEAN trading zone. Attracted by a strong supply of IT professionals across the experience spectrum, employers are enjoying unrivalled incentives to set up in Bangkok and beyond. And with a healthy supply of exciting IT job opportunities, comes jobseekers from Thailand and around the world, both fresh out of university and with extensive career experience.

      The bottom line: The Thailand IT job sector is very healthy, with plenty of supply and demand, if you’re already a part of it then you’re positioned for growth. And if you’re new to the industry looking for a job or talent, with the right help you can find exactly what you need.

      Thailand 4.0 Initiative

      To gain a better understanding of why there are now so many IT jobs in Bangkok and across the country, watch this video about Thailand 4.0 – where it all began.

      Four Bangkok IT and Tech trends for 2022

      The most successful job seekers and employers we deal with in IT understand where the industry is going and how changes will impact their approach to recruitment. IT is one of the fastest moving industries in the world and both job seekers and employers can benefit greatly from insight into what they should be considering when looking for work or a new employee. From our extensive work with clients and candidates in Tech, and supported by the findings of Glassdoor research, these are the four key trends to be aware of in Thailand IT recruitment for 2022 and beyond:

      Shorter interviews

      Whether you’re a professional or a business, you’ll probably know developers don’t like interviewing for jobs. Leading employers know this and are attracting top talent, in part, by adapting their hiring process to suit the customer – in this case a developer. As a job seeker, this is useful to know as it is often an indicator of a forward-thinking employer. And as an employer, this approach can improve your chances of securing top talent.

      Tracked job applications

      It seems obvious that an employer looking to hire a developer would have a responsive and intuitive application process. Or maybe not, as they’re looking for a developer! Either way, the best IT companies in Bangkok are creating complete transparency in the job market by building platforms that show job seekers the real-time status of job applications.

      The impact for a business is a recruitment process that becomes a positive part of an employer brand and that will impress tech candidates. For job seekers, aside from the great UX, this is clearly another sign of a disruptive employer that does things differently, which bodes well for an exciting career path.

      Pushing core IT competencies and passions

      The days of CVs, ‘essential industry-experience’ and relevant qualifications are coming to an end, and already over in the most forward-thinking organisations. Instead, Thailand tech companies are looking at core competencies and passions to find talent with real business-wide value to offer.

      The interests and ambitions of tech professionals can change just as quick as the industry itself, and the most savvy businesses provide individuals with an opportunity to experiment with this. By tapping into the changing skills and passions of their IT talent, Thailand businesses are improving retention, development, job satisfaction and employee engagement.

      AI in HR

      It almost seems like old news, but the gradual implementation of AI throughout businesses marches on, and IT companies are understandably at the forefront. In terms of the recruitment process, job seekers and employers in Bangkok and beyond can expect to be dealing increasingly with AI in human resources processes.

      As application processes become more mobile and responsive, AI will take over a lot of the leg work. This will mean applicants will be dealing with AI potentially until a final stage interview, and employers can reallocate human HR professionals to other roles suiting their core competencies.

      The five most common IT interview questions

      Whichever side of the Zoom call or desk you’re on, these are 5 interview questions we recommend to our clients. As a job seeker prepare for them, and as an employer, consider asking them to help find the perfect match. We’ve used example roles in some of the questions, to further illustrate the point.

      What interests you about this Java Developer role?

      As an employer, this will allow you to see how much research the candidate has completed and gauge their genuine enthusiasm for the role and for joining your business. These are two key factors that have a big impact on your retention success when hiring.

      As a candidate, preparing for this question will give you a fuller understanding of the role, the wider business and the working environment. As well as encouraging you to research the position, it will also inform you and help you know if the role is right – potentially before the interview takes place.

      How do you keep up with changes in programming languages?

      Whatever your niche is within IT, keeping up with developments is crucial when seeking a job or new talent. If you are a developer, continual learning around html5, php and javascript, for example, is a big plus for any individual or business in the tech space and reveals a lot about how progressive a candidate or employer is.

      When did you last improve on a design?

      Whether you’re a CIO responsible for company-wide IT infrastructure or a php developer, the answer to this reveals real-world problem-solving. This is a crucial skill for employers, who can ask this question to understand how an individual works, how they think and how they’ve put into practice their expertise.

      What challenges will you face in this C# developer role?

      As a candidate, having to talk to a potential employer about your weaknesses may seem counter-intuitive, but this is a chance to show you’re keen to learn and grow. Answer in the context of a skill you’re currently working on, for example you’re building your knowledge of JavaScript.

      As an employer, this is a chance to see how well the individual will fit into your culture and team environment. It also allows you to further understand how committed to learning the candidate is, and therefore how much value they will bring, where they may need support and how much ROI you’ll get when providing training.

      When was a time you had to be adaptable?

      The IT industry – and just about every part of it – is in almost constant evolution, projects change, opportunities come along and stakeholder demands shift. All of this makes for a very fluid and changeable environment. Asking, and being able to answer, this question will reveal an agile company and an employee that is willing to adapt to business needs, with a team player attitude.

      Top five highest paid IT jobs in Bangkok, Thailand

      Of course, an IT job salary for a specific role will vary depending on the business and on the experience of the individual, but these are the top 5 highest-paid IT jobs we commonly see in Bangkok. These represent the average salary in Thailand on a monthly basis:

      1. CTO: 300,000 THB
      2. Software Architect: 100,000 – 150,000 THB
      3. DevOps Engineer: 120,000 THB
      4. Data Architect: 100,000 – 115,000 THB
      5. Project Manager: 100,000 THB

      A Senior Developer can expect to earn between 60,000 – 100,000 THB, towards the higher-end if based in Bangkok. To apply for a specific role or to speak to us about how we can become your IT recruitment partner, get in touch today.

      Why RECRUITdee? Recruitment Agency and Headhunter

      – Global reach, local expertise
      – Access to exclusive talent
      – Full range of recruitment and headhunter services
      – We attract, retain and develop staff
      – Local and international experience
      – More than a provider, we’re your recruitment partner

      The RECRUITdee difference is we’re a recruitment and headhunter partner, not a recruitment provider. Our IT recruitment team are immersed in the arena, attending events, analyzing research, processing market data and always aware of your competition.

      What that means for clients is we are proactive when it comes to your recruitment needs. We see what’s around the corner, we build our Talent Pool to suit the direction of the market and meet your needs. The result is we’re aligned to your goals and when you need talent, we’ve already got high calibre IT candidates in place so you can hire the right person first time and stay ahead.


      Every business wants the most capable employees, but there’s more to IT recruitment in Bangkok than simply providing talented individuals. At RECRUITdee, we understand that, as an employer, you will need resource in different ways at different times. You’ll need to stay flexible and agile to react to the market and opportunities. So we provide a range of IT recruitment services to meet your specific needs.

      We place contract, permanent, retained and consultant candidates. Whatever you need support with, whether its a fixed-term project, an ongoing role or a top-level strategy piece, you can find the talent you need on the terms you want, through RECRUITdee. Whether you need to hire or are looking for your next move in IT, get in touch online.

      Bert Veerman