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Thinking About a Career Move to Bangkok? Here are 3 Reasons to Pack Your Bags

By January 17, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments
move to bangkok

New year, new job? 2022 is here and if you’re considering a new location to take your career in software, tech, engineering, manufacturing or finance to the next level – a move to Bangkok is a great choice. Trust us, we’re already here and hiring like crazy! Here are three great reasons to make Bangkok your new home for work, and life.

Exciting Employers and Career Progression

With a scarcity of top IT, Finance and Consulting professionals across South East Asia, Bangkok is becoming a gateway for mid-level professionals to not only land their dream job but to have the opportunity to develop it, too. Big brands with offices in Bangkok or production sites in Thailand include: Google, Panasonic, Sony, DELL, Siemens, Cisco Systems, Motorola and many more.

Bangkok employers are keener than ever to invest in the right employees, and not just for the short term. As South East Asia continues to maintain its global position as one of the most stable economies in recent years, sought after candidates are often rewarded with very generous employee packages, with ongoing investment on offer to future-proof their career path.

There’s Loads to do, All Year Round

Bangkok welcomes more visitors each year than any other city in the world (more than 20 million at the last count!) and it’s not hard to see why. This bustling city is a melting pot of historic culture and gleaming technology. And it’s hard to overspend thanks to the very affordable cost of living, giving you a lot more for your money than any US or European city counterpart. You could:

– Catch a tuk tuk or take a longtail boat through the floating markets.
– Choose a takeaway from a simple street stall in Bangkok Chinatown or treat yourself to a fine dining experience at an exclusive rooftop restaurant.
– Explore ancient Buddhist temples, enjoy a little retail therapy in the many boutiques and luxury malls then sample the famously vibrant nightlife.

The Travel Opportunities Are Epic

Top employers means international offices, so work-related travel is boxed-off for sure. But it’s the downtime opportunities too. Looking for the perfect place to de-stress after a busy week at work? Sure you could stay local, kick-back and relax under gently swaying coconut palms on nearby white sandy beaches, or take a motorbike ride through lush jungle hillsides. But if you like your long-weekends and holidays, Bangkok is a great base to explore some of the world’s most spectacular countries and cultures.

From Thailand you’re a short hop to the rest of South East Asia, including Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. Go a bit further and you’ve got India, the Maldives and China. And when it’s time for a long break, Australia and New Zealand is half the distance than it is from Europe. We realise travel isn’t as easy as it once was in the ‘new normal’ but things hopefully will turn a corner soon with that.

Let RECRUITdee be your guide

When it comes to recruitment, Bangkok is one of the fastest growing and most exciting markets in the world. This means new opportunities can come, and go, in the blink of an eye. At RECRUITdee, our strong relationships with top-tier employers allow us to understand their upcoming recruitment needs, meaning you get to know about those dream jobs before anyone else.

Check out our current positions in Bangkok and across the Asia Pacific region – and apply. Or for insight and advice on the job market in Bangkok and Thailand, get in touch.

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