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The average salary in Bangkok for Consulting, Finance and IT roles

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average salary in bangkok

We’ve covered average annual salaries in Bangkok in our various recruitment guides (linked at the bottom of the page for the various sectors we work in), but we hadn’t put all the figures in one place, so we’ve done it here. We get asked a lot about typical wages in the Thai capital, mainly because it’s always interesting for candidates to know, but particularly because we help a lot of ex-pats and foreign nationals who are new to the Bangkok job market. So, here are some average salaries in Bangkok across varies roles in Consulting, Finance and IT, in both Thai Bhat and USD.

Average salaries for Consultants in Bangkok

Obviously a load of factors play into a consultant’s annual salary, particulary level of experience, but also the industry the role is in and even the company. That said, here are some salary ranges for a number of positions, formed from research that includes our own vacancies and other open positions in the market:

– Principal Consultant: 1.8m BHT to 3.1m BHT ($57k to $100k)

– Sales Consultant: 2m BHT to 2.3m BHT ($63k to $70k)

–Business Consultant: 1.6m BHT to 2m BHT ($53k to $65k)

– Mid-Weight Consultant: 2.1m BHT to 2.6m BHT ($67k to $85k)

– IT consultant: 3m BHT to 5m BHT ($93k to $161k)

– Senior Project Manager: 4.3m BHT to 4.8m BHT ($139k to $156k)

Average salaries for Finance professionals in Bangkok

Again, we’ve looked at our own roles and ones from other recruiters to put together some average wages in the Thai capital across a range of finance roles:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): 2m BHT to 6m BHT ($64k to $192k)

Senior Accounting Manager: 1m BHT to 3m BHT ($32k to $96k)

Financial Controller: 1.8m BHT to 5m BHT ($57k to $160k)

Finance Manager: 1m BHT to 3m BHT ($32k to $96k)

Accountant: 800k BHT to 1m BHT ($25k to $32k)

Senior Data Analyst: 800k BHT to 2m BHT ($25k to $64k)

Average salaries for IT professionals in Bangkok

IT and software roles are in high-demand worldwide, and Bangkok is no exception. Expect competitive annual salaries in both multinational corporations and a raft of well-funded tech start-ups:

CTO: 3m BHT ($96k)

Software Architect: 1m BHT to 1.5m BHT ($32 to $48k)

DevOps Engineer: 1.2m BHT ($38k)

Data Architect: 1m BHT to 1.5m BHT ($32k to $48k)

Project Manager: 1m BHT ($32k)

Factor in the low cost of living

Remember that however the average salary in Thailand for your role compares to other cities around the world, the cost of living in the Thai capital is low. This means you’ll have a lot more disposable income – many professionals are able to live a life of luxury for just 62,000 BHT a month ($2k). Check out our ex-pat’s guide to Bangkok for a video about how one guy lives a great life for just 24,000 BHT ($800) a month.

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