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AI Takes Bangkok by Storm: Skilled Workers in High Demand as Businesses Embrace AI

By May 3, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
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Only two years ago, the Bangkok Post talked about a critical shortage of skilled workers in Thailand’s artificial intelligence (AI) sphere. With more and more businesses beginning to embrace AI, these workers are in even greater demand. It’s not just large and medium-sized corporations that are opening their doors to artificial intelligence either. Thanks to Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (Nectec), Thai startups are also able to take advantage of AI tools and platforms to develop their AI. 

The global rise of AI and its awareness

Though AI has been around for quite some time, most people outside of the IT industry remained unaware of its practical uses largely until ChatGPT was launched in November 2022. Now it’s steadily drip-feeding into the mainstream, more and more people are considering what this means for their jobs. Thankfully, if you’re skilled in AI, you’re in demand! So, what can skilled AI workers expect in Bangkok?

Thailand companies embracing AI

In Thailand, many companies have begun to revolve largely around AI. Here are some examples of companies and what they’re using AI for. 


Sunday is an insurance company that offers both individuals and businesses a range of products from auto insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, and more. This health and P&C insurance platform is entirely AI-based. 

As a brand, Sunday is relatively new, having launched in 2017 yet they employ a global team of leading talent. What’s more, their employees receive great benefits, which include bonuses, customizable medical coverage, free lunch and snack, a provident fund, and unlimited vacation leave. Their openings are available to view here – and there are a lot of them!

SCB Abacus

SCB Abacus was also founded in Bangkok in 2017. This company is a lending platform that uses AI to assess credit risks. SCB Abacus uses its own machine learning technology called the Abacus Core Technology (ACT) engine to improve how people can access loans. Impressively, the company issues funds within 20 minutes of initial registration by using AI to predict credit risks of customers in real-time. 


OneDee is a human resource management solution provider that is powered by AI. The platform offers a clocking app, leave management, payroll reports, shift schedules, a job assignment system, a holiday calendar and more. There’s also an AI-powered chatbot too. The company was founded in 2017 by a highly experienced software developer. This startup was granted support from various sources, including the public sector. 

Artificial Intelligence Job Titles

With the rise in AI, there are lots of jobs out there that were previously unheard of. Here are some of the sought-after positions in the AI sector:

  • AI Machine Learning Engineer – a machine learning engineer is a critical member of the data science team. They research, build, and design the AI that is responsible for machine learning. They also maintain and improve existing AI systems. Often, the AI machine learning engineer will be a vital communicator between members of the science team and will work directly with other data scientists. In terms of tasks undertaken, they will implement algorithms, run experiments and tests, design and develop systems and perform data analysis.
  • AI Chatbot Developer – this person will collaborate with other developers to design and develop virtual assistants and chatbots. They will test and maintain existing chatbots and improve them to meet ever-changing needs. They’ll also be responsible for integrating chatbots on multiple platforms. When there are chatbot issues, they will troubleshoot and debug and act as an expert on its capabilities. Finally, they will manage data coming from conversations and analyze this. 
  • UX Developer – this person specializes in ensuring that mobile applications, software and websites are a positive experience for people who use them. They might do things like rearrange graphics and text, improve navigation, and analyze eye movements of users to ensure transitions are smooth. They will use AI to research user habits and will develop prototypes to test new ideas. 
  • UI Designer – a UI designer works collaboratively with a UX developer to maximize user interaction with a digital platform product. The UI designer makes interaction possible while the UX developer makes it a more pleasant experience. 
  • Data Scientist – a data scientist collects and analyses data to solve problems. They use tools and techniques to create algorithms and find patterns. They also carry out experiments and write reports and presentations about their findings. Essentially, they help companies to make informed decisions. 
  • Algorithm Engineer – an algorithm engineer is a highly skilled specialist who uses math and science to solve problems. They are responsible for the invention and design of a range of data systems and machines to advance how humans perform tasks or use products.
  • AI Language Model Developer – an AI language model developer will work with data scientists to take information to feed data into models. They improve the programming of AI languages from raw data. 

How much can you expect to earn working in AI in Bangkok, Thailand?

The salary for a job in Artificial Intelligence in Bangkok can vary depending on a number of factors such as your level of experience, the type of role, and the industry you are working in.

According to Payscale, the average salary for an AI software engineer in Bangkok can range from ฿1,993,460 to ฿3,265,150 per year depending on the specific job and experience level.


Other AI job roles have salaries with these ranges:

  • AI Research Scientist: ฿1,200,000 – ฿2,508,000
  • AI Researcher: ฿1,200,000 – ฿2,508,000
  • AI Specialist: ฿1,200,000 – ฿2,508,000
  • Data Scientist: ฿2,650,000 – ฿4,123,000 
  • Machine Learning Engineer: ฿3,092,400 – ฿4,776,000
  • Senior Machine Learning Engineer: ฿3,882,700 – ฿5,909,900.

The future of Artificial Intelligence AI in Bangkok

Like many places, people in Bangkok are worried about what the future of Artificial Intelligence will bring. Already, cleaning teams in Bangkok airport have been replaced by robot cleaners. Ultimately, the field of AI is fast-moving and both individuals and companies can’t afford to be swept away by AI robots. As such, being skilled in AI and its development really is the key to securing your future, both in Bangkok and worldwide.

At RECRUITdee, we specialise in identifying top-tier AI professionals and guarantee that companies have access to the talent that’s able to keep them ahead of the competition.

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