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RECRUITdee is the best gaming recruitment company in Bangkok. We’ve observed the huge growth of this exciting industry and it is the perfect match for this bustling city, which combines tradition with modernity. Bangkok is on the cusp of becoming a powerhouse in the gaming sector. This highlights the technological evolution of this region and also the huge growth in talent within it. How do gaming companies tap into this talent? They hire RECRUITdee gaming recruitment company in Bangkok.

For employers: Whether you’re hiring to fill a vacancy, to start a new project, or to react to a market opportunity, we have an exclusive Talent Pool of the best gaming specialists, ready to move for the right package.

For candidates: From Executive and Management positions to Support and Development, we have the best gaming jobs in Bangkok and across Thailand. Our relationships give you access to incredible career opportunities.

The Thailand Gaming Revolution – Why is The Industry Growing?

Thailand’s gaming industry is booming. Ranked 19th globally, it holds the title for the second-largest gaming market in Southeast Asia, boasting impressive revenues of $1.1 billion, only surpassed by Indonesia. This growth is set to increase even further in future.

Government Support for Gaming Growth in Thailand

RECRUITdee recognises the significance of Thailand’s initiatives in boosting the local gaming industry. Led by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) and supported by the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES), the “Thai Gaming Industry on the Global Stage” program is pivotal in cultivating emerging talents and advancing the skills of seasoned gaming professionals. Central to this vision is the Game Online Academy, with ambitious plans to educate over 50,000 game enthusiasts. This concerted effort equips local game developers with the tools and networks to craft top-tier games, combining comprehensive workshops, invaluable guidance from industry leaders, and opportunities for investor engagement. As a dedicated gaming recruitment company, RECRUITdee is primed to support this burgeoning ecosystem.

Bangkok Gaming Industry Trends

Thailand’s gaming industry has been undergoing significant transformation and growth. Here are some of the recent trends we have observed:

1. Mobile Gaming in Thailand

Creating a strong demand for skilled developers. RECRUITdee helps companies find the right talent for this shift.

2. Esports in Thailand

Encompasses more than just players; it involves the entire tech and event management ecosystem. RECRUITdee stays attuned to these changes and hiring implications.

3. Localisation in Gaming

Means a heightened demand for professionals fluent in Thai culture and language.

4. The Thai government’s support

For gaming offers vast opportunities, particularly for game developers and strategists.

5. Multiplayer Online Games

Emphasise the role of community in gaming, and RECRUITdee has been pivotal in connecting companies with community-focused professionals.

6. The rise of Virtual and Augmented Realities in Gaming

Pushes the boundaries, leading companies to seek visionaries in this space.

7. Gaming Influencers in Thailand

Highlight the necessity for solid digital marketing strategies and skilled professionals.

8. The dynamics of in-game purchases in Thailand

Require expertise, critical for companies to master effectively.

9. The Advent of Cloud Gaming

Sees a growing demand for tech specialists versed in this innovative area.

10. Thailand Gaming Events

Deeply rooted in local tradition, call for PR and community engagement specialists.

Five Common Gaming Interview Questions

1. Technical and Design Proficiency: “Can you describe a game design challenge you faced in your previous role and how you overcame it?”

2. Industry Trends and Knowledge: “In your opinion, what’s the most innovative game (or game feature) released in the past year, and why?”

3. Teamwork and Collaboration: “Game development often requires close collaboration across multiple teams. Can you share an experience where you had to work with another department (e.g., art, design, QA) to resolve an issue or implement a feature?”

4. Problem-solving and Critical Thinking: “Describe a time when you found a major bug or issue in a game you were working on close to release. How did you handle it, and what was the outcome?”

5. Passion and Motivation: “What games are you currently playing, and what do you like about them? Alternatively, which game has had the most significant impact on you, and why?”

Top five highest paid Gaming Jobs in Bangkok, Thailand

1. Lead Game Developer: Responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of game creation, from initial concept to final product. They often have extensive experience in game development and have proven leadership skills.

   – Expected Salary: 150,000 – 300,000 THB per month.

2. Technical Art Director: Merging the realms of design and technology, these individuals guide the visual aspects of a game, ensuring that the artwork and designs are feasible within the game’s technical parameters.

   – Expected Salary: 130,000 – 250,000 THB per month.

3. Senior Game Designer: These individuals are responsible for the overall gameplay mechanics, character development, storylines, and user experience. With their extensive experience, they often mentor junior designers.

   – Expected Salary: 120,000 – 220,000 THB per month.

4. Monetisation and Business Strategy Manager: As the gaming industry often relies on in-game purchases, ads, and other monetisation strategies, these experts optimize revenue streams and help strategise business growth.

   – Expected Salary: 100,000 – 200,000 THB per month.

5. Senior 3D Animator/Artist: These professionals craft high-quality animations and 3D models for games, bringing characters and environments to life.

   – Expected Salary: 90,000 – 180,000 THB per month.

These are approximate figures, and actual salaries might vary. It would be best to consult a gaming recruitment agency in Bangkok like RECRUITdee for further advice and specific data.

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