Finding the perfect person to fill a senior leadership position is not a straightforward task. This becomes even more challenging when you are looking to hire overseas or hire staff that may not natively speak your language. Here at RECRUITdee in Bangkok, Thailand we have specialists with in-depth knowledge of the Thai job market. We have a strong database of elite candidates, many of whom we have worked with for a long period of time. Our executive search service is the one to choose if you are seeking the highest quality management-level candidates.

Bangkok Executive Search

Thailand provides its own set of challenges and opportunities for companies looking to hire management-level staff. One of the challenges is being able to persuade top performers to join an organisation. A level of proficiency in the Thai language is essential to communicate effectively and sell the vision of a potential move when hiring a Thai national. Although we are able to find high-level candidates that can communicate in English and Thai, having someone speak the native language to a prospective employee definitely helps. Our Bangkok executive search team hires both international and local Thai staff.

A proactive approach is essential for an executive search company in Bangkok. It isn’t a case of putting out an awesome job description and expecting hundreds of high-level applicants to apply. At RECRUITdee we actively approach our database and extended network to reach the very best talent for a particular position. We provide a professional headhunting and executive search service.

The Difference Between Executive Search and Recruitment

There is one big difference between executive search and recruitment, and that is the time and effort taken to find the right candidate and screen each application. With general recruitment, it is often a case of filling a large number of positions. Executive search is very specific and is intended to find the very best individual person for a high-level executive position within a company. It can also be referred to as headhunting.

These talented individuals are likely to be highly paid, highly sought after, and notoriously difficult to find. Even when you have found the right person, persuading them to join your mission can be equally as challenging. These top performers can earn a lot of money in a variety of companies, so it’s important to offer them something that makes them likely to tick and stay for a considerable period of time.

List of Executive Job Titles

We hire for all executive and senior leadership positions in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. Our clients range from startups to Fortune 500 companies. RECRUITdee is the executive headhunter of choice for many leading companies throughout Thailand. Our service is comprehensive, we do not merely sell resumes. You can expect a personal account manager, seamless communication, and high-level candidates that meet your requirements and expectations. With executive positions, it is vital that we understand the candidates’ needs in granular detail. Our mission is to provide the perfect match to ensure a lasting working relationship and business success.

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

CTO – Chief Technical (or technology) Officer

CIO – Chief Information Officer

CPO Chief Product Officer

CDA – Chief Data Officer

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

CFO – Chief Financial Officer

COO – Chief Operations Officer

C-level jobs are the highest-ranking roles within a company. The leadership team of a company in Bangkok usually consists of several C-level positions. Examples of this could be the CEO, CFO, CTO, and CMO.

We also recruit for a range of other management and executive positions including, but not limited to:

Vice President

General Manager

Human Resources (HR) Director

IT Manager

IT Director

Director of Operations

Marketing Director

Executive Search Consultants

Based in the heart of Bangkok, we are ideally positioned to have our finger on the pulse. Surrounded by start-ups and multinational companies, we have a plethora of talent and contacts at our fingertips. Each of our highly trained recruitment experts has skills in specific niches. This is a positive point often made by our candidates, who respect speaking to someone that clearly knows what they are talking about.

International and Local Hires

At RECRUITdee we don’t have a one-size-fits-all process when headhunting the best talent available. We know that finding and convincing the right people requires tact, creativity, and professionalism. Our executive search team leaves no stone unturned when searching for placements. We will place emphasis on the core and soft skills of all candidates, and interview potential candidates thoroughly to understand what makes them tick. Our database includes international executives living in Thailand, together with the very best local talent.

Whether you’re looking for a new CEO, an IT Director, CTO or any C-level vacancy to be filled contact RECRUITdee today.


RECRUITdee is licensed by the Ministry of Labour in Thailand and is authorised to provide employment services under the Ministerial Regulations of the Employment and Job Seeker Protection Act B.E. 2528 (1985)