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Why You Should Consider Using a Recruitment Agency Partner

By November 18, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments
recuitment agency partner

The recruitment industry has undergone radical changes in the last 10 years. Recruitment professionals in Bangkok, Thailand are now working more closely with employers and candidates than ever before, which means they’re able to provide a more tailored service that is better suited to individual needs. The new way of working for recruitment companies in Bangkok means they’re able to offer businesses and candidates a selection of ways to work with them.

What is a Recruitment Agency Partner?

Employers can often struggle to find the best candidates because they are not in the same location as them, while job seekers have difficulties articulating their skills in a clear and concise manner. A recruitment agency partner is a specialist company that has experience with both recruiting and hiring, who is located in the same place as you and is able to help you find the best talent to meet the needs of your vacancy and business ambitions.

Why should You Use a Recruitment Agency?

Although the internet has helped to streamline the recruitment process, there is still a lot of time and effort involved with advertising online, sifting through applications and interviewing each candidate. This means that in order to make sure you appoint the best person for the job you need to be investing your time wisely.

A recruitment agency in Bangkok or anywhere will work with you to assess the skills you need for your vacancy, find the right candidates and manage the whole process from start to finish. In addition to this, they will provide key insights into why a candidate is or isn’t suitable for the role in a much more detailed way than an employer can.

The benefits of using a recruitment agency partner include:

– They understand your business and why you need new staff members

– They know what type of person would be best for your company

– They can advertise jobs on job boards, social media profiles and websites, as well as word-of-mouth advertising through their networks

– Recruitment agency partners also offer an array of other services like pre-employment screening, salary negotiation and training courses for new employees

Costs of Using a Recruitment Agency Partner

The recruitment partner will often charge a fee as a percentage of the salaries offered to the new recruit. This fee is also known as ‘success fees‘. There are quite a few different types of recruitment partners who can work with you including retained search agencies and contingency recruiters.

– Retained search recruiters and even headhunters work with you to find a number of potential candidates for your vacancy, whom you can then choose from and hire.

– Contingency recruitment agencies charge a fee if the person they find for you gets hired so they have to win them in order to get paid.

The choice between using retained search and contingency agencies will often depend on your business size and needs. For example, if you have a large number of positions to fill and one specific profile in mind it’s likely that you’ll want to use a retained search recruiter who can find a person like this for you within the timeframe you require. If, however, your vacancy is less specific then using a contingency agency is more cost effective because you can send out your vacancy to a large number of different recruiters, allowing them to find the best talent for you.

Gain Access to Exclusive Talent

Recruitment partners offer businesses and job seekers access to exclusive talent pools that they couldn’t get access to otherwise. Recruiters and hiring managers alike work on their own networks to widen the scope of their headhunting, which means that you can tap into a much wider pool of candidates than you normally would. In addition to this, recruitment consultants can often provide insights into why a candidate is or isn’t right for the role and why they might not be successful in interviews.

Ultimately, they’re a partner for your business growth

Recruitment partners offer a range of benefits and cost-saving measures that can be the difference between success and failure. They understand why you need new staff members, why they are or aren’t suitable for your vacancy, how to advertise jobs online, manage the process from start to finish and provide insights into why candidates might not be successful in interviews. All of this means that they will help you to make a more informed decision about who is right for your business.

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