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Recruitment Agency in Bangkok: An Employer’s Guide To Selection

By January 17, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments
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As an employer, having the right talent in place can be the difference between success and failure, particularly in a fast-moving market like Bangkok, Thailand. You might be thinking should I use a headhunter in Bangkok or a Thailand recruitment agency? Recruitment agencies can give you access to the very best candidates, but how do you choose the right agency to help you find your future employees? Making the right decision can transform your business, making the wrong one can cost it heavily. Here’s what to look for when choosing an agency.

1. Expert Sector Knowledge

Whether you’re hiring a Java Developer or an Automation Engineer, you’ll want to access the best talent. The most highly skilled people in their industry will always look to use an agency that specialises in their industry, as it will ensure they have access to the best roles and employers. So, as an employer, it makes sense to use the same recruitment agency in order to connect with that talent.

Choosing a sector specialist also has a positive impact beyond the search phase. A recruitment agency that is immersed in your industry, or in the industry of the talent you need, knows what makes the perfect candidates tick. They know the workplace cultures they’re looking for, they know their ambitions, the working environments they love.

This insight gives you as an employer the opportunity to build an employer brand to match, helping you attract and retain highly skilled individuals. In short: look for agencies that specialise in industries and have teams dedicated to those industries. Just like we do at RECRUITdee.

2. A Big Team

Size does matter when it comes to choosing a recruitment agency in Bangkok, because more team members means more specialists and more resources to find you the very best talent. A recruitment agency should be seen as part of your business, like your own hiring department. The more experts they have to work on recruiting the right people for your business, the better.

As fees tend to be flat, a bigger team won’t affect the price you pay, but will affect the efficiency of the service you receive.

3. Get a Guarantee

No matter how professional a recruitment agency is – and how diligent you are in the interview process – sometimes a new hire just doesn’t work out. It can be a number of things: culture, attitude, the working environment or an unforeseen event in their life. When this happens, it can be very costly, both in terms of the fees you’ve paid and the impact on progress within your business. This is why a guarantee is essential.

Look for recruitment agencies that guarantee their candidates, so if the individual ends up leaving within a set time period (usually 30-60 days) you’re covered. An agency guarantee will typically provide a partial refund – but be aware that the refund amount varies depending on the length of time that the new hire stayed. Some agencies will offer you a free replacement instead.

4. A Blend of Local Knowledge and Global Reach

This wonderful city we call home is a bustling and rapidly growing market for talent. It’s packed full of candidates with the skills you need, so when it comes to choosing between recruitment agencies in Bangkok, you definitely need a team that’s full of locals. A local team will understand the avenues, channels and routes to talent across our dynamic capital.

Equally important is that the agency has international connections and experience. For example, this is essential when you have IT jobs in Bangkok to fill, or roles with similarly non-geographic skillsets. It’s all about the talent pool that you have access to through an agency. If the agency only has local connections, then the pool is small. If they’re across Thailand, then that’s a good selection of candidates. But if they have global reach to find the best talent across Asia Pacific and the world, then you have the choice of the most highly skilled people on the planet. Keeping you ahead of your competition.

5. Interview Them!

Before you ask them to line up interviews for you, go and interview all of the recruitment agencies in Bangkok that you are considering working with. By going through this process, you’ll get a good idea of how much they value your business, what they are like as people, how they treat their own staff, and how professional they are.

Choosing a recruitment agency should be the start of a long partnership, where they become your trusted expert in hiring the right talent to meet your goals and needs. They should get to know your business as well as you know it, and by meeting them face-to-face right at the start of the process, you can get a good feeling about whether you could work together long-term.

There you have it, five surefire ways to choose the right recruitment agency in Bangkok for your talent sourcing. And talking of face-to-face meetings, why not come and see us? We’re in Exchange Tower, Asoke – we’ll buy you a coffee and discuss your recruitment needs. Maybe even have a game of ping pong?

Jay Lale

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