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How to welcome a new team member – 5 top onboarding tips

By September 29, 2021No Comments
how to onboard staff

It’s essential to onboard new staff and give them warm welcome, this is because onboarding a new starter will give them the best chance of success, and also free up your time in the short-mid-term so you can focus more on managing existing members of your team. So how do you onboard a new team member? Here’s our top 5 onboarding tips to make your company feel welcoming and inclusive for all employees, from the first day they start work – no matter what their background is or where they’re from!

1. Write up a personal onboarding plan

Write up a personal onboarding plan that outlines what they need to do, the training they need to complete, who they should be working with on certain projects and what hours they are expected to work. This onboarding plan could include introductions to people in other departments so your new starter can learn how different parts of the business operate.

2. Host onboarding sessions

You should also host onboarding sessions that are tailored for new starters, this will allow them to learn more about what they can expect before starting work which will make them feel comfortable and less anxious on their first day

3. Put together a welcome kit

You could put together a welcome kit that contains all the information they may need to know about who to contact for help, how to use the onboarding plan you created together with any onboarding details if needed.

You could also include a list of blogs or articles you think they may find useful or even an introduction to your team or company values if you want them to understand what you stand for. It could also contain the company handbook, benefits documentation and a map of where everything is located in the building. We found providing snacks in the office at your first onboarding session was really appreciated too!

4. Find out what their hobbies and interests are.

Find out what their hobbies and interests are and do something fun with that on their desk or with their avatar – it’s important to find ways they will feel engaged at work, not just onboarding them. This can be done by finding out some of their interests or even making introductions to people in other departments. It’s important that they feel included, not excluded!

5. Make onboarding a lasting experience

It’s important to make onboarding a lasting experience. Try not to onboard them in one day, this will be too overwhelming and it’s hard to retain the information onboarders take in when they are being onboarded that quickly.

In conclusion, onboarding a new starter will give them the best chance of success. The top onboarding tips we covered in this blog post should help you get started with how you can make your business feel welcoming and inclusive for all employees from day one. The onboarding of new team members can be a particularly stressful time for everyone involved, so it’s important to remember that you’re all in this together and provide the best onboarding experience possible.

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