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How to Hire Staff That Align With Your Company Values

By December 7, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments
how to hire staff

Hiring new staff successfully is about more than matching skills to the job description, those days are over. Now, your new employees must also match their values and outlook to your brand as a business if they – and you – are to achieve the most success through a collaborative environment that lights people up and unleashes maximum potential in everyone.

It Starts With Your Job Advertisement

The first step to hiring the right person is still ensuring you have a clear job description that suits what’s needed by your business. Ensure it outlines all responsibilities and qualifications for the role, as well as listing any necessary tools or skills required for success in the position. We also recommend bringing in a second element to the advertisement, moving from what to why.

This is about the culture, values and outlook of your business. The good news for you is that an increasing proportion of today’s job seekers, particularly in the tech and IT scene, will want to know what it is like inside the company before they start work. This is not just as a way for them to decide if this job’s right for them, but also because it tells them all they need to know about whether or not they’ll be happy working there too.

How To Communicate Your Company Values

Work out succinctly what matters most in your workplace and then write down one sentence that describes why people would apply for this role at your company rather than any other. This short paragraph should answer these key questions:

– What does my organisation value?

– Why do we exist?

– How are employees rewarded/recognised here?

How To Understand the Candidate’s Values?

It’s easy to read an opinion and agree with it, but how do you ensure a candidate truly shares your company outlook. Although it may seem draconian, testing alignment at this stage will save you a lot of wasted time, energy and money down the line, and protect your crucial culture, team environment and brand identity. The first and most obvious way is to ask the candidate about your company values in an interview. This can be done by asking them what their opinion on various scenarios are, or simply why they would want to work for you. You may also do this as a test early on with one of our own employees if that’s appropriate

You could also conduct a skills assessment using activities developed specifically around understanding how candidates value themselves in relation to others, and whether they are likely compatible with the culture at your organisation. This is helpful for those hiring managers who don’t have much time, but need more than just yes/no answers from interviews. In the unlikely situation that none of these approaches give you conclusive results, then look into background checks with previous employers before making any final decisions.

To Hire or Not to Hire?

The final step is to make a decision. If you’ve followed these steps and found someone who aligns with your culture and values – and you can feel its genuine in your gut, which will happen – then it’s time to hire them and work together to achieve your shared ambitions.

Daniel Wood

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