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Employ people? Five Talent Trends You Need to Know for 2023

By May 4, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
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Recruitment has evolved massively in just a few years and there are key job market shifts you need to be thinking about when creating your recruitment strategy for the next 12 months.

Here are the top 5 factors we believe are the most important, based on insight from our relationships with our candidates and clients. Box these off and you’ll be in good shape for 2023, minimising the risk of talent shortages, project delays and competitors beating you to talent.

1. You Need an Employer Brand

Recruitment marketing is already something you should be focusing on and this is only set to gain more importance in 2023. Millennials and Generation Z candidates demand work that complements their lifestyle in terms of values, environment, CSR and flexibility. This is your employer brand.

If you’re thinking of managing your employer brand internally, your marketing and HR teams are the best places to place this responsibilty, ideally as a collaborative function. Talent needs to be thought of in the same way as consumers, and marketed to in a considered way.

Instead of relying on your About Us page and Jobs page to sell your business to candidates, have a dedicated section on your site covering what working for you actually means, what you stand for and how you improve employees’ lives. Make sure this is echoed on your social platforms, particualrly LinkedIn, where you shuold be targeting on an individual level as well.

2. Swap Superficial Perks for Wellbeing Support

Ping pong tables, sleeping pods, ‘bring your dog to work day’, beer o’clock – if you’re looking to ‘invest’ in any of these, then you’re out of touch. Employee benefits in 2023 need to offer substance and deeper levels of value. Think personal wellbeing support, free education, completely open career development, mental wellbeing, supporting charitable causes and of course – complete flexibility on working hours and location.

Millennials and Gen Z are your target in 2023 and they see their employer as a measure of who they are, totally connected to their views and ethics. Talking of which.

3. Gen Z Are Here

Generation Z (born 1995 – 2005) is entering the workplace and they know what they want from a job. As mentioned in trend 2, their employer, work environment and perk demands are a further evolution of Millennials’. They have an increased need for digitalisation, CSR, professional development, on-demand learning and ethical commitments. To hire the brightest talent in 2022in Bangkok, your recruitment strategy and marketing needs to deliver these essentials.

4. The ‘Best’ Talent is no Longer the Most Qualified

The clearest evidence of this is the death of the CV and a slew of major employers announcing they’ll be removing the requirement for certain qualifications or experience when screening candidates. Instead, these employers are looking at soft skills and transferable abilities as it becomes increasingly clear that the ‘most qualified individual’ is not always the best fit for a business.

As a leading recruitment agency in Bangkok, we’re finding that by looking at skillsets – irrespective of industry or qualification – our clients are hiring candidates with expertise that adds incredible value across their business. After all, technical skills can be learned, but emotional intelligence and the ability to think critically and be creative cannot.

Plus, as technology (AI, machine learning etc) is increasingly doing a better job of functional and technical roles, employers that hire candidates with transferable skills can have the best of both worlds – robotic efficiency and human adapatability.

5. The Gig-Economy is Suiting up

Freelancers, consultants, contracters – whatever you want to call them, they’re one of the biggest growing trends in the employment market. Whilst all ages operate in the gig-economy, it’s the natural path for talented Millennials and Gen Z-ers who want work on their own terms. These individuals are skilled, experienced and professional, and rather than just serving small businesses, they’re already in the corporate world and this presence will increase in 20233.

If large employers (and small) want to attract top talent, they’ll need to adapt their traditional recruiting methods, such as using agencies with strong connections to this high-value talent pool.

Experienced IT Recruitment Agency in Bangkok

As an experienced IT recruitment agency in Bangkok, these are the 5 trends we’re seeing across South East Asia and echoed around the globe. We’re already helping our clients get their strategies and talent in-place for next 12 months. Take note, take action and get your recruitment marketing right for 2023.

Bert Veerman

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