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5 Steps to Internal Hiring Success

By December 13, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments
Hiring Internally

Attracting the right calibre of people is vital to the success of any business. Whatever vacancy you as the HR team member or line manager are looking to fill, hiring the correct applicant ensures continuity within the business and enables success. And while we’d love to take care of this for you, the talent you need may already lie within your own workforce.

Hiring from within your own organisation can not only speed-up your recruitment process, but can also save your business money. In order to successfully fill a vacancy with an existing member of staff, you need to create the right environment, and this starts long before you need the new team member. Here’s our 5 tips to make it happen:

1. Plan ahead with a Succession Ladder

A successful business has the succession ladder firmly entrenched within the employee mentality. Modern workforces have multi-skilled individuals, no more so than in the IT industry, so if your company can identify critical positions within the team, then succession plans can be put in place for those positions to be continuously filled from within, maintaining productivity. So, take the time to train, make the effort to coach, you should know already who would take a role if a vacancy arose.

2. Know Your Workforce

Knowing who works for you and what makes them tick, also makes them feel more valued, and as a result they’re likely to be more productive. If you put the effort in, knowing, progressing and developing your workforce into an effective team not only benefits the company, it can also breed loyalty. The result is a team that’s engaged, professional and committed to the business, and what better talent pool to draw from for your new role than this?

3. Listen to Your Employees

Boards of directors make decisions on a regular basis that everyone in the business. Yet, what does this mean for employees on the front line? How are they affected? Where they even asked for their input? Regular employment surveys and feedback sessions, along with employee reviews, help build a picture of the workforce satisfaction.

What the company is doing right and wrong, and what improvements could be made. If employees feel like they are heard from above, if they feel like they have a voice, then employment satisfaction and retention will improve immeasurably. The result is less turnover, so less need to recruit, and if a new role needs to be filled, your existing employees will be keen to out themselves forward.

4. Nurture Your Talent

Successful hiring can be achieved within your business, but to accomplish this, continuous coaching and development of the team needs to be in place. Whether this is outsourced or in-house, the further development of the team also enables better morale, as more of your colleagues are being educated in differing areas.

Time is your friend when nurturing, the continual development of the business and staff requires time and effort on your part. The meaning of nurture is to grow, develop or succeed, and that doesn’t happen overnight. Put the effort in, and you’ll continue to find that the best talent in the job market is already within your business.

5. And if you Have to Head Outside…

If the role you need to fill is brand new to your business or requires a specialised skillset, it may be that no one in your existing team is suitable. If you have to head outside the business to hire, it’s essential to filter your talent pool with what the business requires, it terms of both expertise and attitude.

Assuming you’ll only interview individuals with the right abilities, does the new employee fit your business, are they a match for your culture? Remember: potential employees need to be impressing you the employer, with their skillset and experience in order for you to offer them work. You on the other hand, have the responsibility to entice in external candidates and keep internal talent within your business. Either way, the person you hire has to align with your company’s brand and vision. And of course, whether they’re new to the company or not, all recruits want to know about career progression.

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