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Why You Shouldn’t Accept A Counter Job Offer From Your Current IT Role

By November 30, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments
IT job counter offer

If you’ve secured a new job in IT and your current boss has made you a counter job offer to try and keep you, it’s not always the right move to stay. There was a reason why you wanted to change jobs, and staying where you are for money, a new project or different team is likely to raise the same problems you encountered before. In this article, we’ll explain why rejecting a counter offer is often the best decision for both your career and personal growth.

It’s a common situation: you’re not happy in your job so you look for a new one and use your vacation time to attend interviews. You secure a new role, hand your notice in and all of a sudden your boss shows more attention and care than they have done in ages, just to try and keep you. This often takes the form of more money, training, a new project or moving you to a new team. While this may be tempting, it’s probably not the change you truly need.

Why You Should Reject A Counter Job Offer

You need to move on to ensure career and personal growth. Changing companies is short-term pain but long-term gain. It can also help give you more variety when it comes to projects; after all, no one wants an IT professional who only knows how to do one thing well! As we’ve mentioned before, staying in a stagnant environment will just bring back old problems rather than solve them. Furthermore, create worse ones as a result of boredom caused by either doing the same thing, or being in the same wider business that doesn’t align with your ambitions.

Changing Jobs is Good for Your Career

When IT professionals move from one company to another, they have the opportunity to learn new things and meet different people. This will help you grow in your career by broadening your skillset or even learning how a colleague does their job differently. You’ll also get more responsibility at once, as with each role comes various opportunities you might not ever find if there was no change, whether that’s managing an IT project for the first time or taking on additional responsibilities just because the team is smaller than before.

What About Personal Growth?

The truth is, if you’re looking for personal development and a new challenge, then it can be tough to achieve both goals without changing companies as well. We often find with our candidates that when IT professionals take on a new position, they’ll find that they’re given more responsibility than before, be it in IT or elsewhere. This is something you can’t really achieve if your boss keeps you on the same team with no change for years at a time, and staying where you are may also stop them from thinking about new projects to keep up with business demands.

Ultimately, rejecting a counter job offer when resigning can be a defining decision, most IT professionals we help to move jobs said it was one of the best decisions they ever made. Again, it’s short term pain but long-term gain and better for experience development as well as helping move you towards your career goals. When considering all these things, alongside better money or project offers, leaving for another company might be just what your future needs to take off or refresh.

There’s a World of Exciting Roles Available

Remember: The IT industry moves very quickly. If you’ve been working in the same company for two years or more, it’s likely that a new role will be a completely new challenge compared to the one you’re doing now. You’ll never know what you’re truly capable of unless you move on and up – the value you could bring, and feel, is unlimited.

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