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What to wear for a job interview in Bangkok (or anywhere)

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what to wear for a job interview in Bangkok

In this guide, we’ll cover three reasons why it’s so important to find out what to wear for your upcoming job interview. We’ll also discuss the changing work environment and its effect on dress codes. Finally, we’ll look at five tactics you can use to find out what to wear for your job interview. Looking good, let’s get to it.

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Three reasons you should find out exactly what to wear

It pays to get clued up on the dress code before your interview, for three big reasons:

1. You’ll be wearing the right gear.
2. It shows the recruiter you’re professional, diligent and care about the job you’re going for.
3. Getting your outfit right also has another huge benefit, it boosts your confidence and lets you focus on the actual interview.

Increasingly it’s what you can wear, not what to wear

As businesses become more aware of employee wellbeing, and as professionals become more selective over who they work with, so dresscodes have evolved with the times. Increasingly, the most progressive organisations are relaxing strict rules around what employees can wear, instead they understand that clothes are an expression of one’s personality, and if you’re asked to dress a acertain way in the office, you’ll be leaving a piece of your personality at home and taking on the appearance of someone that isn’t you. This isn’t good for the individual, the team they’re in or the business.

People need to be encouraged to bring all of themselves to work, including the way they present themselves. Of course, there needs to be consideration culturally, such as in Japan where stilettos are compulsory in some offices, (good FT article on that and dress codes) or when in client meetings, but that’s all it is – consideration. The ideal should be that people dress just the same in this scenario, but tweaks can be made. As long as all empolyees are on-board and understand, it’s not a compromise on a progressive work environment.

Five ways to find out what to wear in a job interview

1. Ask the person recruiting you

Yep, nice and easy this one, and if you do this then right now, then you might as well stop reading the guide! If you’re going through a recruitment agency like RECRUITdee, hopefully they’d tell you what you can wear, we do, but if not, call and ask your contact. If you’re applying directly to the employer, then don’t be afraid to ask the question when you’re in communication.

Don’t worry if the interview is approaching and you forgot to ask, just call or email them with the question. They’ll respect that you’ve asked and it will honestly position you positively in their minds. It’s a simple yet powerful question!

2. Check the company out online

If you’d prefer to do your own investigative work, head to their website and look for photos of staff. Just be aware that bigger businesses will have various departments and dress codes may differ. For example, a bank might have a tech team that can dress down during work hours, but an accounts team that needs to be smart for client meetings and general demeanour.

Take a look at social feeds too, particularly LinkedIn and Instagram. Again, make sure that the pics are in the office on a normal day, not out drinking or ten-pin bowling!

3. Do a sly office visit

Yes, this is an option. Now, we’re not suggesting you access employee-only areas, but you can usually stand outside (with a coffee or tea for camouflage) and see staff coming and going from the building. Many office blocks have foyers open to the public or a coffee shop on the ground floor – camp out and make notes.

A visit to the office where your interview is taking place is always a good move, whether you know what to wear or not. By visiting beforehand, you remove the unknown element, it becomes familiar and will relax you when you turn up on the big day. It’s also good to do the journey at the same time as the interview journey, you’ll understand how long it will take. It’s all about taking control and calming the mind.

4. Know anyone that works there?

Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget someone in your network that works at your prospective employer’s business. Also, people change jobs all the time, and someone you know may have started at the organisation since you last connected. To check if any of your contacts work at the business, go on LinkedIn and search for the company. In the results will be contacts you know that work there. Then reach out and get the intel! They may even be able to put a good word in for you.

5. If all else fails, suit up

Hopefully you’ve seen by now how easy it is to find out what to wear to your job interview, but if you’re unable or unwilling to do any of the above, then there is an option. Just suit up. And by this we mean smart business atire, whether you’re a lady or gent. You won’t go too far wrong with this approach.

Just remember that modern work places are more relaxed than ever before, and employers that prefer jeans and t-shirt might make a preconception of you based on your formal wear, whether that’s right or wrong. Also, this approach leaves you with an amount of uncertainty in the run up to the big day. Do it if you have to, but far better to implement tactics 1-4!


You should feel empowered. You now you know exactly how to find out what to wear for a job interview in Bangkok, or anywhere in the world. You also know why it’s essential to find this out, and why changing working environments are making it more crucial than ever before – good blog post about that here.

We hope this guide helps, good luck in the interview and go create your successful future!

Daniel Wood

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