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The Bangkok IT Job Market: Demand for candidates is accelerating during COVID times

By July 26, 2021August 2nd, 2021No Comments

Make no mistake, Bangkok is bouncing back from COVID big time and no more so than in the IT sector. We’re seeing high demand for candidates across the city and the sector is growing a fast pace, it’s fair to say that if you think you should play it safe and stay where you are, then you’ll be missing out on great roles to your fellow professionals.

It’s a really exciting time to be in IT in Bangkok, the city has always been a really competitive market, but the demand for professionals is accelerating during COVID times, so it feels like now more than ever that IT job candidates should feel confident and happy enough about their own skillset to make a move – no matter which specialism you have.

Plenty of exciting IT jobs across the city

We’re seeing lots of new hires across the city and we’ve seen a number of acquisitions that have helped to bolster this growth, put simply there’s constant demand for IT skills and Bangkok is booming. It’s been a tough year for sure, but the city is bouncing back and there’s a lot of hiring and demand right now, which makes it a strong candidate’s market. There’s a race to recruit IT professionals across many industries and we’re seeing high demand for candidates, no business wants to fall behind through a lack of in-house talent. They also don’t want to miss out on hiring the best talent, only for them to end up at their competitor.

Organizations are prepared to pay for the best IT talent

It should come as no surprise that companies want to hire IT professionals with experience as they get back on track and resume their growth ambitions. Those who can demonstrate they have the relevant skills and experience are in high demand, and companies are prepared to pay for it, with IT salaries across Bangkok currently very healthy.

It’s really is a great time to be an IT professional in Bangkok and that trend is only set to continue. It may not feel like it in some aspects of life still, but the economic recovery has begun and as COVID fades into the background, businesses – particularly multinationals – are once again looking ahead with optimism.

Don’t miss out on your new job opportunity

As you may have guessed from our positivity, overall we’re seeing an increased number of IT job opportunities in Bangkok at this time, both for locals and ex-pats seeking stability in response to COVID times. The Bangkok IT market can offer that stability and we’re feeling very buoyant about the direction it’s going in. It’s not just the multinationals that are hiring either, we’ve seen a number of Thai businesses also grow their IT teams this year. It looks like everyone is taking stock and getting ready for COVID to be behind us so they can get back on track with their ambitions.

Ultimately, your career is your call – all we’re saying is that the IT job market in Bangkok is strong right now with plenty of exciting roles for talented professionals. Take a look for yourself, and if you want a guide to help you access the very best roles, get in touch.

Jay Lale

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