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How to Find a Job in Bangkok: 7 Tips From a Recruiter

By December 7, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments
Find a Job in Bangkok

Finding work can be hard to do, especially in IT in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s competitive, pitting you against those people who want exactly the same thing as you do. To help, we’ve put together some helpful advice on best practices and skills to find a job in Bangkok, starting with a biggie.

1. Make Sure Your Employee Brand is Consistent

It is such an obvious point to make, but your CV and your LinkedIn profile are the first things that recruiters will read or see. Ensure that they are accurate, consistent (even the photo of you) and filled with your achievements. And remember: A recruiter looking through hundreds of candidates will discard you instantly if they see a spelling mistake or if any alarm is set off in their mind.

2. Upload Your CV

When you’ve completed your CV and it’s consistent with your LinkedIn, ensure that you upload it to as many job websites as you can. The websites that advertise current vacancies in and around Thailand, for example, can be filtered by your own search parameters, you then get specific updates tailored just for you.

3. Know The Typical Online Questions

Job websites will often have a form to fill out or will forward you onto an employer’s website, either way you may be asked for additional information other than what’s your CV. Questions that are posed are invariably similar, asking for your responses when faced with a specific situation, task or action. Ensure you structure your responses; the situation, what you did and how it was achieved, and what your response/action was. Save your responses, read through them. Copy and paste across sites where appropriate to save time.

4. Do Your Own Research

Don’t forget to do your research on the business you want to apply for, it’s very easy to get bogged down in applying for everything when looking to find a job in Bangkok. It’s beneficial to you long-term, and your immediate application process to spend the time and effort on roles that you really want, ensuring your application is the best it can be.

5. Be Prepared and Practice

Most roles will have an interview. Nearly all of them will have the same questions structured in slightly different ways. Be prepared. Practice your responses with the people at home, speak in front of a mirror. Role play the interview. The basis of an interview is for the recruiter to see if you fit within their business ethos. So be prepared for common questions such as; ‘where do you see yourself in five years’ and ‘what your strengths and weaknesses’ are. What would you want to hear if you were in their position? Practice makes perfect.

6. Be Positive

A usual job application response turn around is about two weeks. Don’t get disheartened because you haven’t had an immediate response to a vacancy that you really want. It’s not just you that has applied for this role. Treat your job search like a job itself.

7. Nail the Interview

You’ve got this far, so make sure the basics are ticked off. Arrive on time and be nice to everyone you meet, the interview starts the moment you arrive. Believe in yourself and have an answer to why are you the best candidate. You have to sell yourself; no one else in that room will do it for you. The decision to hire you isn’t yours to make, but you make it very difficult for the recruiter to say no!

Follow these 7 steps and you’ll be in a strong position to secure a new job in Bangkok, Thailand or anywhere.

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