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The Top Companies in Thailand Hiring IT Staff in 2023

By May 4, 2023September 11th, 2023No Comments
Top IT companies hiring in Thailand 2023

Thailand is an excellent location for people who work in the IT industry. It is already home to thousands of foreign families, workers, and retirees who love being there and don’t plan to leave. Two years on from the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand is beginning to open its doors properly again and there are more and more new job opportunities for people seeking employment here. Popular job hunting and networking websites like LinkedIn can help you explore what’s out there that could match your expertise and skill.

Most IT jobs (at least the office-based ones) will mean you’re looking at locating to Bangkok. In Thailand (like elsewhere in the world), employers were more and more open to remote working and many allowed their employees to begin working from home. However, with Covid-19 restrictions now fully lifting, remote working isn’t as guaranteed as it once was. It’s highly likely that more and more companies start requesting their employees to return to offices very soon, at least for part of the working week.

IT jobs in Thailand

Thailand (especially Bangkok) is home to many multinational and international companies. Many of these have job roles specifically for expats and foreigners. Any expat who works in the realm of IT will find a huge range of job opportunities here. Most multinational companies want the best the industry has to offer. However, there are job positions available at all levels so even IT job seekers with only a few years under their belt can find a suitable post here.
Software developers, front and back-end JavaScript specialists, and Android and iOS app developers are particularly in demand.
The most competitive roles are usually marketing positions but there are typically lots of roles available and lots of international companies and Thai companies alike are looking for marketing teams quite often.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top IT companies in Thailand hiring in 2023.


IBM is a worldwide industry leader that employs over 10,000 people around the world. The company designs and advances new technologies and has been in existence since 1911.
IBM prides itself on being a friendly and collaborative place to work and somewhere where all employees thrive. They’re committed to being transparent and trustworthy and a company that wants to make the world work well.

If they stand by this, who wouldn’t want to work there?


Agoda is an international company that has its headquarters in Singapore. It is one of the largest travel
accommodation sites online and was formed in 2005. There are offices in Bangkok as well as New York and many other areas between. The company prides itself on its communication and they’re currently hiring at all levels. Agoda is now a part of Bookings Holdings.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world’s most trusted news provider. It was founded in 2008 and now employs over 10,000 people worldwide. In 2017, the company won two Glassdoor Awards. It was #48 in the best places to work and #23 in the best places to interview.
Thomson Reuters works in Enterprise Software and Network Solutions and provides people with technology human expertise and intelligence.


Shopee is a leading e-commerce company based in Singapore and Southeast Asia. This company provides web and internet services that are tailored specifically to this area. Shopee first began in 2015 and has grown enormously to now employ over 5000 people in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Shoppee is constantly looking for new talent to join its dynamic and fast-moving team.


Everyone who works in IT (and even anyone who doesn’t) will know something about Google as a company. The giant Internet and web services company began in 1998 and has grown exponentially since. There are now more than 100,000 employees working for Google all over the world (including in Thailand!) and these are helping to build Google’s products and create opportunities for all.
Google has also won numerous Glassdoor Awards. It was voted as the #1 best place to work in 2015, 2018, and 2020 and has always been in the top 18 since 2015.


Another company that almost everyone in the world will have heard of is Microsoft. Microsoft is based in the U.S. but employs people all over the world, including in Thailand. This company was founded in 1975 and focuses on computer hardware development. The company culture embraces curiosity and diversity and has over 220,000 employees around the world.


Spanish travel company Amadeus works hard to keep the travel industry moving with its information technology support services. This software company is one of the top ten in the world and employs almost 20,000 people in 190 countries, including Thailand. The company aims to improve journeys with technology.


Besides being a travel accommodation booking platform, Booking.com works on developing technology to make travelling easier. It has its headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has been operating since 1996. This was once a small Dutch start-up company but is now one of the leading digital travel companies in the world, employing tens of thousands of people globally.

Final thoughts on the top IT companies in Thailand hiring in 2023

We hope this list of companies is helpful for you, we deliberately chose companies that are at different
stages of development, so there’s something for everyone here.

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