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3 Things Tech Companies Look For In Their Employees And Candidates

By July 12, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments
tech companies in bangkok

So what do tech companies in Bangkok, Thailand look for in their employees and job candidates? There are three things that stand out. First, they want people who are innovative. Tech companies, including those in Bangkok live by the mantra “move fast break things,” so they need to be sure you can keep up with them on the innovation front. Second – they’re looking for professional experience and core competencies, so you can bring value beyond your job description. Finally, these companies like millennials looking to make an impact on the world! They’ll want those who embrace and thrive through shared values in a collaborative environment.

1. Tech Companies in Bangkok Want Innovators

The vast majority of tech companies in Bangkok are innovators. They live by the mantra “move fast break things”. so they need to be sure you can keep up with them on the innovation front. Innovation is what keeps these companies fresh, and what allows for them to be the lifeblood of this new economy. They need people who can keep up with their fast-paced environment, but also enjoy the challenge of being ahead of the curve. The sector needs innovators. Innovation is what distinguishes tech businesses from other industries in terms of what they offer.

2. They’re Looking for the Right Experience and Soft Skills

Tech companies look for candidates who are already working in the area that they’re looking to hire in. They want people with a track record of success and leadership, so if you have experience or knowledge that can differentiate yourself from the competition – brag about it! This shows your passion for what you do, which is what tech employers love to see.

Tech companies in Bangkok increasingly want to see a diverse range of skillsets in candidates, so it’s not just about hard-skills, like what languages you know or have experience with. They want professionals who can hit the ground running, that have shown leadership and responsibility within their work, in order to provide value beyond what is typically expected at that company.

3. Tech Companies Love Shared Values

Finally, what is most important to the most forward-thinking tech companies in their employees and job candidates are shared values – they want people who embrace what they do as a company and who thrive through collaborative environments. They want someone who wants to come to work every day with an open mind and that can find solutions for problems by working together, without opposition or negativity. With their shared outlook, they want people who will be up for what the tech world has to offer, and what’s next.

How to Get Into a Tech Startup Company

Tech startups are rebellious by their nature and usually full of millennials looking to make an impact on the world, what’s important though is that you align with what they’re all about. Find startups that not only require your skills, but also share your values. The bottom line is simple: only work for a company where you think its mission will resonate with yours. This is how you’ll get into an exciting business and role that leads to a win-win outcome.

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